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WP Essentials is Your ONE-STOP Shop When It Comes to
Building Websites and Stores at almost no cost.

Yanlsav started creating websites years ago, he keep on learning and creating website for his over 579 clients and businesses, helping him to make over $400,000 on Fiverr. With continuous efforts and passion to learn and deliver more he has become Pro and very popular among his tribe.
Zaln made over $223,000 on Fiverr, creating websites for over 994 people. He has been a top rated freelancer on Fiverr. He has a lot of repeat clients who come back to him to design websites for them.
Vortex have raked in a whopping $17,00,000 and Rahul, Atif, Writi, Delwar Ahmed $300,000 by designing websites for clients on Peopleperhour and Upwork. Like many other freelancers, they began and have amassed thousands by crafting and offering their services to clients around the globe. With WP Services, possibilities are endless.
You’ll Never Have To Pay A Dime
For Premium Branded Themes & Plugins Ever Again…
Dear WordPress Site Owners & Marketers,
Did you know that WordPress powers about 43% of the entire web?
Yes, in fact, WordPress dominates a huge 65.1% global CMS (Content Management System) market share.
But Why Wordpress Is So Popular?
Because creating websites and blogs using WordPress themes and plugins is child’s play…
…And that’s why so many people rely on WordPress when it comes to building stunning websites and blogs!
No Wonder The Top Brands & Marketers
Are Using WordPress Platform
To Generate Leads & Sales Today!
But, There Is
One Big Problem!
Millions of people spend tons of money to get WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins to create sites, blogs and eCommerce stores…
We have seen so many people spending through their noses to download 1 single WP plugin and theme!
Doing This Every Time For Your Every New Website
Can Burn Out Your Pocket...
So We Decided To Build
Something Which Will Help Millions
Of WordPress Site Owners...
After Spending Thousands Of Dollars And Over 6 Months Into Research
And Development, We Unearthed An Unknown And
A Very Secret All-In-One WordPress Solution
Until now no one was aware of this secret solution,
and hence people had to pay heavy charges for using themes and plugins...
But today we are revealing this secret powerful WordPress solution that allows you to grab 4600+ premium branded WordPress and WooCommerce themes and plugins completely FREE!
It’s time to never ever pay anything for WordPress Themes and Plugins AGAIN in your life!
But What Is The Secret Unknown Solution
That Lets You Download 4600+ Premium Branded WordPress Themes And Plugins Totally For FREE?
The Answer Is GPL (General Public License)
GPL is the most commonly used software license
on WordPress.
The GPL license enables software to be used freely
with modifications and redistributed by anyone.
Thanks to the GPL license of WPEssentials, under
which we can provide you with genuine and legal versions of 4600+ branded plugins and themes
totally for FREE!
This First-To-Market App Unlocks
4600+ Premium Branded WordPress & WooCommerce
Themes, Plugins & Extensions
Totally For FREE!
theme-plugin-border wpessential-product
Simply Install It On Your Sites or Your Clients Sites &
Charge Any Amount You Want…
Download 4600+ WordPress Themes, Plugins, WooCommerce Extensions for Free
Install on Any Sites in 30 Seconds - Fast & Easy
Multi-Purpose Master Dashboard for Personal & Client Site Management
Themes & Plugins
Available for 15+ Hot
Sell WordPress & Woocommerce Services, Themes & Plugins for more profits
License Included
The Fastest Way To Create WordPress Sites,
Blogs & eCom Stores For You & Your Customers
In Just 3 Easy Steps...
Step #1
Install and Activate
on Your WordPress Site
Step #2
Install Any Theme,
Plugin & Extension
from the All-in-One Dashboard of Biggest Collection
of 4600+ WordPress tools
Step #3
That’s All - Manage
Themes & Plugins
from All-in-One Dashboard
You are now ready to make your WordPress sites and blogs even more beautiful,
command more views, generate hot leads, make more sales
and upscale your
businesses like never before!
And you can even install these branded themes & plugins on your client’s websites and
charge them any amount you want...
In Less Than 30 Sec
You Can Add WPEssesntials To Your Site
And Never Pay Costly Yearly Fee Again Ever
For Any Of Thousands Of Branded WordPress & Woo For Plugin, Themes And Extensions.
Sell Your Services And Charge Anything
From FREE To Top-Dollar To Your Client
Watch How Easy
It’s To Use WPEssentials
For You & Your Customers Websites…
One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees | Commercial License Included
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Works For Every Niche
You Can Possibly Imagine!
Just Name The Niche… And WPEssentials Will Help You
Build Compelling Profit Generating Sites In Minutes!
Local Businesses
Real Estate
Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Lifestyle & Fashion
Travel & Tourism
Content Creators & Bloggers
Restaurants & Cafes
And Basically It Doesn't Matter What Niche You Are In, WPEssentials Helps You Grow And Scale Your Business.
WPEssentials Is Loaded With
World’s Most Popular Best Selling
Themes, Plugins & Extensions…
Access The Biggest Collection of Over 4600+ Genuine Branded
WordPress & WooCommerce Tools Totally For FREE!
Here’s What’s Included
Web Software
For Complete Personal & Client Sites Mgmt.
WordPress Plugin
Use 4600+ plugin
themes for free
Commercial Rights
Sell for profits
Training Center
Get started as soon as in 24 hours.
Prominent Marketers Recommends To
Make The Most Out Of
So Could You!
WPEssentials Is
Loaded With Everything
That You Ever Need to Create Awesome
Profit Pulling
Sites & Ecom Stores…
Access Premium WordPress & WooCommerce Themes And Plugins Without Paying A-Bomb
Access a huge library of premium branded WordPress & WooCommerce themes, plugins & extensions at a super affordable one-time price, that would usually cost you thousands of dollar monthly or yearly. or yearly.
Access The Largest Collection Of Themes And Plugins Library
You get to access the world’s largest library of 4600+ premium branded WordPress & WooCommerce themes and plugins ready to use for 15+ hot niches.
Install on Any Site in 30 Seconds
You can install the WP Essentials Plugin on any WP site in 30 seconds. Just a one-time small investment solves all your WordPress needs. Also, Download themes & plugins directly from All-in-One Dashboard.
Favourite Bookmarks
You can Bookmarks Your Favourite Plugin & Theme. Save tons of WP and WOO items for future downloads purpose & use without having to search for them again and avoid wasting your time again.
DFY Personal Site Management Dashboard
You get to access to personal website management and track everything from a single master dashboard. You can store your site name, domain, WP-Admin link and notes. You can manage all your personal sites from this dashboard.
DFY Client Management Dashboard
You get to access client management dashboard and track everything from a single master dashboard! You can store client's name, domain, WP-Admin link, contact number, email id, rate you are charging and many more. You can manage all your CLIENTS' all sites from this dashboard.
Easy To Use Master Dashboard
Manage all themes and plugins from a single dashboard and install any wordpress and woocommerce plugin themes and extension in just 30 Seconds directly from All-in-ONE Master dashboard.
Inbuilt Powerful Search Feature
WPEssentials comes with a powerful search engine which gives you results at a lightning-fast speed. Type he wordpress or WooCommerce item you want to search in WPEssentials library and enter. You will get the results with the blink of an eye.
ecom-arrow-1 ecom-tag-clr-5
Customize Your Dashboard
All the dashboards like personal site management, client management, you can see in Card View or Table View as per your choice.
Experience The Live Preview & Documentation Link
Inside the app you get to experience the live preview of themes even before downloading any theme, you can simply go and check how that particular theme looks like in the live preview. Plus, you also get to access the documentation links of themes and plugins, allowing you to use them to its full potential.
ecom-arrow-1 ecom-tag-clr-5
Access Step-by-Step Training
App comes pre-loaded with a step-by-step training material which will take you through all the minor app details and how to get the best out of WPEssentials. With this training you can get started as fast as in 24 hours. No Learning Curve, No tech skills required at all...
100% Safe, Secure & Legal Downloads
All installation & downloads are perfectly safe, secure & legal as we have brought it with a GPL license that gives freedom to us and you to install and download for yourself and your client without any restrictions.
ecom-arrow-1 ecom-tag-clr-5
Commercial Rights Included
The commercial rights of the app help you sell themes & plugins at any price point that you want to command and generate decent profits with less efforts.
Start An Easy Yet Most Profitable Wordpress Business
Sell WordPress themes and plugins to your clients at a price that you want and make good profits.
All These Powerful Features Make
WPEssential A Perfect Tool For...
WordPress Site Owners
Content Creators
Web Designers
Web Developers
Local Business Owners
Marketing Agencies
Beginners Looking to Make Good Revenue Online
Ecom Store Owners
Affiliate Marketers
WP Services Are In Demand
See For Yourself How Freelancers, Marketers Selling for TOP DOLLAR
New Opportunities Knocking On Your Doors!
Did You Know...
They are even happy to pay handsome fees for website development services and more!
It also means that the demand for WP solutions is at an all-time high and will continue to surge...
You or so many people may already be paying 1000s of dollars for themes, plugins and woo commerce extensions.
You and plenty of users like you will be thrilled to pay a one-time amount for this...
So, the gateway to profitable wordpress business is right knocking on your door…
Don't Believe Us?
Take A Look At These Proofs!
The Clients Are Offering 100s - 1000s Bucks
For Wordpress Website Creation and Services
See The Crazy Demands...
Clients Are Offering $250s - $5000s For Wordpress Website Creation and Services
These are offering $500 - $1000 For WordPress Site Update, Contact Page Creation & Mobile Friendly Themes.
Sellers On Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancers Charges
Top Dollars for WordPress Work
With WPEssentials, ANYONE can deliver these GIGS in record time
You Can Find
Tons Of Hungry Buyers
And VERIFIED Business Leads On
Grabbing WPEssentials For Life Today
will cut-down all your FUTURE PLUGINS & THEMES COST AND will put you AHEAD of the competition
to Deliver The WordPress Services to Your Client In Record Time Without Spending Any More Money!
So You Can Make Higher Sales & 10X MORE PROFITS With WPEssentials – It’s That Simple!
Don’t You Think You Will Be Able To Make It For Yourself
Now It’s Up To You
To Be On Which Side…
Not Only You Have To Pay Any But
Make Big Profits Using WPEssentials
One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees | Commercial License Included
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Here's The Best Part...
Get These Amazing
Fast-Action Bonuses
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WPEssential Today!
WPEssentials Gold Upgrade - FREE
You are getting Gold Upgrade at no extra cost and totally For Free with WPEssentials purchase.

Gold Upgrade comes with thousands of premium plugin, themes and extensions which are included in the current offer leading to total over 4600 plugin, themes & extensions.

After introductory special discount launch is over, Gold Upgrade bonus will be removed from commercial license pricing plan and will be sold separately.

If you do not get your WPEssentials access now, you will have to pay extra for Gold Upgrade.
Wait! There’s More…
Get More Out Of WPEssentials With
Commercial License
With the Commercial License of WPEssentials, you are free to sell themes and plugins to unlimited clients at a price you want to command!
No, we mean it; don’t rub your eyes in disbelief - you read that absolutely correct!
The Commercial license of WPEssentials will help you leverage this low key wordpress business that has potential of high returns and profits. high returns and profits!
Why struggle when you can make profits easy way in this untapped wordpress business?
And finally, start living a carefree and laptop life that you have always craved for ages!
WPEssentials Commercial License Puts You Into Fast Lanes Of Making High Profits With Easy Work...
This Is By Far The Easiest Way
To Supercharge Your GROWTH...
Leverage The TRUE Power of Biggest Library To Get MORE Traffic, Leads And Sales ...
Sell Themes & Plugins to Unlimited Clients
WPEssentials is loaded with a huge library of 4600+ themes and plugins – And with the Commercial License you can sell these themes and plugins to hungry buyers and WP site owners at any price point you want, making huge profits for yourself.
People are Looking for Good WP Designers & Developers
Many businesses and marketers are ready to pay handsome fees for WordPress designers and developers. Using WPEssentials huge library of themes & plugins available for more than 15+ hot niches, you can offer these highly demanded WordPress services at any price point you want.
Save Your Money with a One-Time Payment
WPEssentials is available at just one-time small payment during this launch period. And you stand a chance to get access to these premium branded themes, plugins, woo commerce extensions for just a small investment. This means you never have to pay recurring fees again for themes and plugins, allowing you to save huge.
Offer Website Optimization & Digital Marketing Services
Businesses & Marketers are looking for digital marketing professionals to help them optimize their website and content, so that their website performs well in Google rankings. With WPEssentials huge collection of digital marketing plugins & tools, you can offer them website optimization & digital marketing services and help them fix website issues and scale up their businesses.
Offer Page Builder Services
WPEssentials is loaded with multiple page builder plugins & tools. You can simply sell these to people looking for page builders or you can offer page building services like bonus page or sales page development services and skyrocket your conversions for yourself.
Possibilities Are Unlimited
And See These People Who Have Proven It With Their
Record-Breaking Sales & Profits!
With WPEssentials In Your Arsenal You Can Join the Ranks of High Achievers...
New Profit Making Yet Easy Wordpress Business ....
Hop on to the WPEssentials bandwagon -
Do not fall behind to build and scale up your businesses unlike before!
10X More Power,
Flexibility & Sophistication
- At An Unbeatable Cost!
Cheer To No Comparison...
Service & Features WPEssentials Developers Alternatives
No. of items 4600 2500 Very Low
Install any plugin & theme in 30-Seconds
On Any Website & Store
Limited High Charges
Free Access to All WP Items
Documentation Link
Link Preview Link
Collection of
Best-Selling Items
DFY Dashboard for Personal Site Mgmt.
DFY Dashboard for Client Site Mgmt.
List - Card View
& Table View
Free New Additions
Free Upgrade Version
Limited Limited
One-Time Price
Still Not Sure About WPEssentials ?
Try WPEssentials With Our Risk-Free,
30-Days Money Back Guarantee!
We have invested time, money and resources in creating WPEssentials that we are vouching for its success for any niches you use it for.
But, heaven forbids If you face any technical issue related to the WP Essentials Software, that we faild to fix, we will simply request a refund within 30 days and the money will be sent back to you instantly, no questions asked… you’ll get a full refund.
We are sure about the potential of our tool that we will give it to you with a free 30-days money-back guarantee!
Please note that our money back applies to technical issues only - other than that, all sales are final.
So, don't worry about taking a leap to a huge online success…
Because your investment is secured with our 30-days money back guarantee.
So, Let's Recap...
Here's Everything
You Are Getting Today
With WPEssentials
  • 4600+ Premium WordPress Plugins, Themes, Woo Extensions (Includes Gold Upgrade - FREE)
  • Install on Any Site in 30-Seconds
  • Make List of Favourite Bookmarks And Access Anytime
  • DFY Personal Site Management Dashboard
  • DFY Client Management Dashboard
  • Multiple Dashboard Views - Card Format & Table Format
  • 50 Downloads / Month - Best In Class
  • Daily Updates & Additions Included
  • Instant Download without wait
  • 100% Clean, Safe & Fresh
  • Bonus#1: Gold Upgrade - Limited Time Offer
  • Bonus#2: License For COMMERCIAL USE - Limited Time Offer
Normal Price - $297/Year
Launch Special
Only $19.00 One-Time

LIMITED SLOTS LEFT: Unlimited DFY Personal Sites Management Panel, Unlimited Search and Unlimited Bookmarks + VIP Priority FAST Servers For All Your Campaigns + VIP Support

(98% Of Customers Select This Add-on Boost Their Profit by 400% from others at zero cost)
Just $9.01 One-Time (Normally $297)
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A Large Number Of People Have Already
Benefited Out Of WPEssentials
What’s Stopping You?
Get Me Instant Access To
WPEssential Right Now So I Can...
  • Instantly, create website, blog and eCom store for myself and my clients
  • Build my list by giving WP Essentials items away!
  • Increase sales by selling services to my audience!
  • Engage clients like never before!
  • Avoid hours of writing code & desinging efforts!
  • Save thousands on freelancers and complicated tools!
One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees | Commercial License Included
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Ask Questions
Q What is WPEssentials?
WPEssentials is first-to-market all-in-one WordPress tool that lets you access over 4600+ premium branded WordPress themes and plugins. You can use these themes on your own sites or on your customer's sites without any restrictions.
Q Is using WPEssentials complicated?
Not at all! You can start using the WPEssentials in as easy as 3 simple steps.
Step 1 – Install and Activate WPEssentials on Your WordPress Site
Step 2 – Search, Download & Install 4600+ Premium Themes & Plugins
Step 3 – That’s All - Manage Themes & Plugins from All-in-One Dashboard
Q Do I have to pay per month charges to access WPEssentials?
No! You can access either the Elite or the Elite Plus versions at a one-time real lower price. But this special offer is active only during the launch period.
Q Are all the items be installed from WP Essential plugin?
Mostly plugin, themes and extension which has installable format can be installed directly but there are items which has child themes or multiple file inside the zip files that you can download and install as per your need.
Q Will I get help 24x7 if I face any technical issues in using the WPEssentials software?
Yes, if you face any issues in using the WPEssentials, you can get in touch with the dedicated and customer-friendly Support Team round the clock. We don’t provide the support for any of the items in the repository, for that you need to buy the items from original developers by paying premium charges. Not offering support is the way in which we are able to offer the products at the discounted price.
Q Is downloading themes, plugins from WPEssentials Safe, Secure and Legal?
Yes, downloading WordPress and WooCommerce themes, plugins and extensions from WPEssentials is 100% Safe, Secure and Legal. All the 4600+ items available inside WPEssentials are sourced from genuine brands. They are 100% open source and come with exact code under the GNU GPL license.
Q How can WPEssentials offer premium branded themes and plugins at such a low price, what’s the catch?
WPEssentials is offering all these branded themes and plugins under the GPL license which enables us to offer these genuine products at a very discounted price. But pls. note that we provide support for issues related to WPEssentials only. We don’t provide any support or license for the WordPress items that are included in our library. For that you need to reach out to respective brands and buy from them. Plus, this one-time discounted launch offer is costing us a fortune and hence we won’t be offering it for a long time. After the introductory launch period is over, the prices will rise. So if you don’t grab your WPEssentials copy during the introductory launch period, then later you’ll need to pay heavy recurring fees for the same bundled offer.
Q Are all the softwares genuine?
Yes! 100%. All The items in the repository inside the WPEssentials are Genuine. We sourced these items directly from the authentic authors, developers, sellers and made them available for you and this process is not altered at any place.
Q What if I don’t find a plugin or theme of my choice?
You simply raise a request, we will definitely address your needs to bring the requested plugin, themes or extension in the best possible way.
One Time Investment | No Monthly Fees | Commercial License Included
Hurry! WP Essentials Above LIMITED-TIME Exclusive Offer Expires In

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